The little punk, revisited

Before I forget, I did at least want to weigh in once again on my February 12 entry Oscar, the little punk. I finally got around to seeing In The Bedroom, and what I saw merits some restatement.

To say I was strongly affected by the movie was an understatement. To say that you should know as little as possible about the plot of the movie before you see it is even more of an understatement. But…to say that Tom Wilkinson's performance was Oscar-worthy would be the greatest understatement of them all.

Both Wilkinson and Sissy Spacek gave magnificent performances. I don't throw around words like that very often. I came away from the movie wishing that I could view it again with an impartial eye, to see the performances as the excellent exhibitions of craft that they were—without being affected by their emotional intensity.

Realistically, it is impossible to do so.

I complain so often about movies that insult my intelligence that I feel I should jump up and down and shout when I find a movie that does not. Here's hoping Tom Wilkinson gets a chance to read an acceptance speech.

All I know to say about the movie is that it felt like … truth.


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