Grace, deux

Well, after a thoroughly harrowing and frustrating day, I believe I am now prepared to offer some silly and thoroughly obvious conclusions about my day:

  1. My finger is not broken.
  2. Kitties on tranquilizers are funny.
  3. I still hate eye exams.
  4. Bifocal lenses are spendy.

So, let's skip all the boring stuff and go right to what you want to hear about. You know it, baby—more about the "I got up to get some ice cream and all I got was this jammed finger" story.

You know what's really bizarre? My left middle finger has swollen up enough so that it's actually larger around than my thumb. It's fascinating, in a bizarrely morbid sort of way. It's bruising around the joint a bit, and I have about 25% of normal range-of-motion. But you know what the weirdest thing of all is?

(Of course you don't; that's why you read domesticat. That, and because reading my words makes you feel so utterly normal.)

You know the loose little creases on the top of your fingers—the ones that give your skin enough flexibility so the finger can bend? Right now, those creases are pretty much nonexistent in said injured finger. You have to admit that it's kinda wacky and gross, but it's also kinda fascinating too. Well, ok, maybe it isn't, and maybe this is just the extra Advil speaking on my behalf.

The Advil is nothing, though, in comparison to the good kitty drugs the cats got this morning before their rabies shots. By noon today, Tenzing could barely walk in a straight line, and Edmund couldn't jump onto the couch. I felt so badly for both of them that I sprawled out on the couch for lunch and let both of my high little felines curl up on my stomach.

It was either do that, and soothe them to sleep, or the munchkins were going to stagger drunkenly around the house, unable to focus on both following me and walking in a straight line at once.

Once I sat down, though, I got them to settle onto some of their kitty blankets (same ones that I tripped over, causing the jammed-finger incident in the first place) and they slept. For hours.

Actually, they're still trying to sleep off the medication. Tenzing still looks cross-eyed when he opens his eyes, and Edmund isn't much better. Here's hoping we all feel better tomorrow.

Sotto voce to the Buffy fans out there: we're plowing through Season 3—we did three episodes last night and another two tonight. We're enjoying this just as much as you all said we would…


What a bunch you all make :)

I'm glad to know that you're finger is not broken. I am still glad, though, that you went to the doctor to confirm it. Drugged up kitties are most definitely fun. I remember Sam when I drugged him up to take him to the vet. It was quite a riot when he walked out of the cage afterwards and promptly fell over. :)

My finger too! it was swollen but I suspected a morphed bug bite because it itched. Yes, I guess it really is those creases that allow your joints to move because I was sure everything worked underneath, but i couldnt really streatch skin for mobility. It really hampers typing doesn't it. hehe.