Four pigs' worth of ribs

Friday afternoon.
Amy, to Jeff: "I think I'll do ribs tomorrow night, since Gareth is flying back in."
Saturday morning.
Amy, to Jeff: "Hey, Tim said he was free on Saturday. Want to give him a call?"
Saturday afternoon.
Tim, to Jeff: "Sure!"
Jeff, to Tim: "Dinner will be at around six…you want to bring something? Hey, Ames, what can he contribute to dinner?
Amy, to Jeff: "Dessert would work. Gareth likes cheesecake, so how about cheesecake?"
Saturday afternoon. Less than ten minutes later. Phone rings.
Rick, to Amy: "Hey, we're all in town, it's a holiday weekend, and we're not doing anything. Why don't we get together at my place?"
Amy, to Rick: "I'd say yes, but we've already got people coming over here. Do you and Jess want to join us?"
Rick, to Amy: "Sure! What can I bring?"
Amy, to Rick: "How about some kind of vegetable?"
Rick, to Amy: "Hey, do Kat and Sean know about this?"
Saturday afternoon. Five minutes after second phone call.
Rick, to Amy: "Kat and Sean will be joining us…"

Right. A typical Saturday. Unless that single slab of back ribs has magically done a loaves-and-fishes routine in the fridge, I think it's time for me to stop coding and start heading to the butcher's. What was looking like a quiet dinner for three is now more closely resembling a boisterous dinner for eight. As usual, I seem to be incapable of cooking for anything smaller than a battalion.

I guess this means we should clear off the kitchen table, then? At this rate, we'll destroy about four pigs' worth of ribs, render my kitchen a disaster area, and then get Tim to show off his best Alabama-Scottish accent during a couple of games of Settlers of Catan.

Jeff, Saturday afternoon: "I think you like Huntsville a lot better now that we've got a circle of friends."

I just grinned.


Amy, to Geof: "So, we know you're busy, but do you want to come over and eat with us?" Geof, to Amy: "Well, I would, but I'm already on the road to Tennessee..." Bloody migraines.