Your twenty seconds are up

Let's compare… As always, usernames not changed, for purposes of ridiculing the guilty.

lovingupassntly: how are you?
me: Quite well, thanks.
lovingupassntly: this must be another name for you
me: ?
lovingupassntly: i imed the domestica name
domesticat01 i guess
me: Yes. Name squatting.
lovingupassntly: name squatting?
never heard that term, lol
me: One is my old username from college. The other coincides with the name of my website. As I'd prefer that no one else have access to either, I keep both.
lovingupassntly: i see
lovingupassntly: what is quallsac from or what does it mean?
me: Usernames were created from surname + first initial + middle initial.
lovingupassntly: i see
so your maiden name was qualls?
me: Yes. I hyphenated when I married.
lovingupassntly: ok
how long have you been married?
me: Forbidden ground there. Sorry.
lovingupassntly: why forbidden?
me: Because my personal life is something I discuss on my own terms.
lovingupassntly: are you interested in chatting?
me: It depends. It helps if you have something to say. Your nick implies a type of conversation I'm not even remotely interested in.
lovingupassntly: your attitude is not something i am remotely interested in as well…have a nice day

I have an attitude. Sigh. I wonder, should I be crushed that this random stranger decides after a few minutes' online interaction that perhaps he isn't quite lovin' me quite so passionately as his nickname implies?

Compare what was being written in the other window:

I had more trouble with the first ten minutes of the movie than I expected. I was a bit dizzy trying to get all the names and faces straight, but once that sorted itself out, I was just fine.

I was gratified by the casting and costuming. As I've gotten older I've found myself more frustrated with the Hollywood system of casting perfect-looking people in every role, no matter how obviously imperfect the character is supposed to be. (You know, Sandra Bullock syndrome**.) There's a good deal of burnished perfection in period pieces, and I have to admit that it drives me crazy.

People weren't like that. They never were, and outside of Hollywood, they never will be. The *ordinariness* of the people in the film made it a bit more real. This wasn't Cinderella waiting for a fairy godmother; this was an intelligent, shy woman who was never likely to light up a room for anyone except the one person she cared about.

While it's true that part of my reasoning in matters like this is partially that I'm a literary snob at heart, it's just that most online conversations are the most banal, ill-spelled, grammar-free uncompositions I've ever seen. I've been online for eight years; I tire of uninteresting people in approximately twenty seconds.

Someone should post a warning sign on my IM accounts: "Warning: this user has a full command of sarcasm, wit, and the English language. Send messages at your own risk."

But that would so take the fun out of it.

** Sandra Bullock syndrome: the Hollywood monstrosity perpetuated in movies like Miss Congeniality, which depict an alternate universe in which Sandra Bullock cannot get a date. Whatever.


I'm rather hoping you'll make these into a regular series now...

*snicker* it still amazes me that you put up with my consistent and flagrant disregard for the english language, specifically spelling, grammer and all those pesky attributes that come with typing properly... =) personal mantra: "context is king", know this and you will know willglish... And if Sandra ever needs consolling about her inability to get a date, send her my way, I'll cook her a nice dinner. *leer*

Will: you're overlooking something important: YOU'RE INTERESTING! (A thwap relating to this comment will be landing in your email in a moment or two.) You say interesting things, ask questions that imply you're conscious of the rest of the planet's existence, and you aren't trying to pick me up. ( ! ) I mean, c'mon, sometimes I really want to tell these guys not to sport with my intelligence. What am I gonna say, "Ooooh, baby, the 3745th time I heard this particular come-on was the charm"? Whatever.

Actually, Amy, using that as a reply would be kinda funny. It's like reading the conversations I used to have with the IMbots.

Funny post, Amy. I don't IM very much, and then only with a select few. I'm also just not interested in the sort of banal conversations that occur in chat rooms. <blech> Sometimes, the Z-list chats can be funny in an offbeat sorta way; puns flashing everywhere and obscure references to odd British humor seem to proliferate. But then, that would be another story.