Misty's Infamous Snickers Cake

Misty's getting a little annoyed with us; her recipes that take much time and effort to prepare never manage to win her quite the rapturous accolades that her (as she puts it) utterly brainless recipes get her.

This cake is possibly the best example. I do not like the idea of standing between Jeff and this cake. I suspect the results would be quite detrimental to both me and the cake. Stake your cake claims early, or my spouse will stake his in your stead.

Misty's Snickers Cake Of Great Evil

1 pkg. chocolate cake mix (mix as directed on the box)

14 oz. caramels

1 stick butter

1/3 cup milk

¾ cup chocolate chips

1 cup dry roasted peanuts

Place ½ of batter in greased/floured 9x13 pan. Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes. Melt caramels with butter and milk over double boiler. (I find if I start boiling the water before I make the cake, the caramel mixture is almost done by the time the ½ cake is finished its 20 minutes.) Pour caramel mixture over baked cake. Sprinkle nuts and chocolate chips over caramel mixture. Pour remaining batter over nuts and chocolate chips.

Bake at 250°F for 25 minutes, and then 350°F for 10 minutes more.

Watch Jeff eat the last piece - the one you wanted. Cry. Beg Misty to make more. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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I have four words, one of which is not suitable for cable TV: "This is good shit."

This is not, technically, my recipe but comes to me by way of Stephen's mom, Ronnie. So really all accolades should go to her. :)

That looks INCREDIBLY good........ doubt I'd have the patience to do it, but I guess I'll have to try it to be sure ;)

Misty, my stomach don't care who gets credit, as long as it gets a piece. ;)