Leaving you all

...but only for a week!

Yes, folks. I am back here on cat.net with more antics than you can shake a baton at. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I just can't get enough of you cat.net readers. I suppose I might have a dual purpose here, though. B)

One. Being as your friendly neighborhood domesticat will once again be venturing out of Huntsville soonish to traipse over to my neck of the woods, I thought it necessary to let you all know that because of this, this here site will be quiet for about the next week or so as we count down to C2. (And yes, Jody, the name is staying. Get used to it!)Two. The good news is that, in perhaps a pathetic attempt to draw more attention to ourselves than we'd normally like, we'll be posting news (and perhaps pictures) of the C2 carnage over at retrospecticus.org. Watch history unfold as we celebrate the coming of a new holiday. Yay!

Only one question remains now. We need a mascot, and Santa just won't fit the bill for our purposes.

The floor is open. Ideas, anyone?

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Yeah. I'm gonna flee to somewhere nice & chilly for a week and let a friend tend to me. Maybe I'll manage to finish fighting off infections #1 and #2 that have left me pretty much dead to the world for the past week. Today's catchphrase is "secondary bacterial inner-ear infections." They aren't fun. Mascot...until further notice, or a better idea, is my Santa hat.

Well now...since you have already polluted my mind with remembrances of the tripe of Breakin 2: Electric Bugaloo (see your sorry ass wasn't old enough to have actually lived through that abomination of fashion sensability so you can't really appreciate how bad it was) then we should probably find a mascot somewhere along those lines. Let me suggest a) Alfonso Ribero from his Pepsi Michael Jackson wanna be commercial days b) A protocol droid (after all they were trying to be one with that pop-lock robot garbage) c) A superfund site (pick any of them. There is less toxic waste there than in that abomination of a movie) d) A sales rep for Merry Go Round (it was a mall store that sold parachute pants et al for those of you who aren't young enough to remember) e) Michael Jackson (admit it Ducky...you STILL wish you could moonwalk and even though you aren't telling we all know you spent time at Neverland Ranch) or f) A 200 oz. martini glass (which is how much gin it will take to make me forget that movie again)

Billy Bob Thornton. ;)

Chris's fuzzy slippers.

Mine are cuter. Sylvesters > puppies.

Bullcorn they are! The puppies rule all!

I don't know...I think I'd have to say puppies > sylvesters. Maybe a slipper battle in Colorado?