Small December pleasures

My list for today:

  • The stretchy cami you bought, deliberately one size too small, with your birthday money in October, is what you are wearing while writing a Saturday night set of entries.
  • Wearing said grey cami with your new -- and excessively loud -- cat pajama bottoms that you made last week. Think the Technicolor Feline Pajamas are loud? Believe it or not, these may actually be louder. How was I supposed to resist a pattern like this?
  • Finally finding heavy-duty shoes for your Colorado trip.
  • Realizing that your oh-so-anticipated trip is coming up in a month's time, and that your preparations are starting to pay off.
  • Finishing up the last set of hand-knitted socks for said preparations.
  • Making your original set of Feline Pajamas fit you again - by cutting out eight inches each from the waist and hip measurements, then re-sewing them.
  • Discovering that the new restaurant near where Jeff works is actually really good.
  • Knowing there's an unwatched Tom Tykwer movie sitting on your entertainment center, and a partially read Val McDermid novel waiting by your bedside.
  • Penzey's Hint of Mint chocolate mix, and knowing how to get to their new Birmingham store to pick up more whenever I want it.
  • Knowing that the cats are going to pouncecuddle you as soon as you settle in on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate to watch said Tom Tykwer movie.
  • Knowing that you finally seem to have your food intake under control, and that you haven't had a blood-sugar crash in at least a month, which may well be a record.
  • Knowing that tomorrow you'll get up and do battle in the gym again, and that your body is truly capable of doing so.
  • Realizing that right now, all in all, life's pretty good, and that you'd better have the hot chocolate and the cats and the movie because moments like these don't happen nearly as often as we'd like to think they do.


It's the "no crashes in a month" thing that makes me the happiest. :)

100.2 should say it all.