what remains is code

Just a quick note since I've started getting query emails:I'm alive. Just really busy. The French toast recipe is nothing short of stupendous (I believe the quote was "All other French toast recipes are dead to me now") albeit I think it needs a little bit of cinnamon and maybe some pecans … all the chicks have flown or driven back off to their respective nests, and what remains is code.

This is, I hope, the last year that I have to do this. Each summer, for the past three years, I've written code for tech staff with the final goal of never having to do this again. Each year, I've gotten a little closer, and I think what I'm working on now is the final piece of the puzzle.

My deadline is reasonable, albeit self-imposed, because I don't want to head to 'con on untested software. That would just be begging for something bad to happen.

I'm just out of brain cycles. I have some entries in mind (yes, Colter, the Sugarbomb entry for one, and 'tailwinds' for another) but right now I just don't seem to have the creative energy to make it happen. The code is getting the best part of that right now.

See? At least you know I'm alive. It's a start.


Take care of yourself - you're pretty valuable to us even without the code ;)

i second danielle's comment... :-)