A question of semantics

I need a little help here, guys. As we live in a post-Dooced era, I must make choices in what I say regarding where I spend my daytime hours. As such, I have decided that I will veil my discussions in a haze of deliberate obfuscation.

In other words, a certain place needs a name.

I've been offered several versions, but the two I like the best are:

1) "Isle of Aisles"—making us Aisleans?
2) "Land of Librios"—making us … ?

So what are we? How shall I refer to my … compatriots … and the place in which I spend my hours? Bonus points for using relevant word roots, goofy rhyme schemes, or literary in-jokes.

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Bibliania? Which makes you a Bibble?

Bookistan (Bookistanis) "The BiblioTech Job" Libranation The ShushZone The Research Emporium Unpainted Alabama Alibrama The Lie Berry

bibliotheque -- making you lot bibliothequers? or bibliothequees? (oh so wrong on the spelling i am...

I would lean towards the former and avoiding word roots, mainly because people can put two and two together, especially your co-workers. :)

Some ideas... Card Cattylog Reference Dreks Categorically Refried