Twitterlog for October 18, 2007

Since I seem to have activated my away-from-home batsignal, here are the SMS messages I've sent to Twitter in the past 24 hours. My tweets are normally friends-only, but when I'm away from home they're usually more interesting than the usual 'OMG where's my tea?' claptrap, so I've written a script to post them publicly in batches once daily while I'm gone.

  • 11:45 PM CDT: [] Twitterlog for October 17, 2007 -
  • 8:26 AM CDT: Jeff and I are admitting to each other that we need a light day today. We are both sleepy and footsore.
  • 9:21 AM CDT: Sitting in hotel room, waiting on Jeff to shave his head so we can go eat, and realizing I've got some long phone calls coming when I ge ...
  • 10:38 AM CDT: 'Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata' - w/10oz of Sevruga caviar, $1000. Underneath: "Norma dares you to expense this"
  • 11:44 AM CDT: Museum of Modern Art. Paintings are on floor 5. Let's go. :)
  • 11:54 AM CDT: Oh. Van Gogh. :D
  • 12:10 PM CDT: Discovery: I don't care for Matisse up close, but Kandinsky hypnotizes me.
  • 1:03 PM CDT: Standing quietly in the Cathedral of Saint Patrick.
  • 1:03 PM CDT: Meanwhile, Jeff is resting a slightly sprained left ankle. We move slowly now.
  • 1:50 PM CDT: Time for water by Radio City Music Hall. Next stop, New York Public Library via 3 subway changes :)
  • 2:47 PM CDT: Waiting for a computer at the NY Public Library. Feet filing official complaint.
  • 3:09 PM CDT: Just saw NYPL's Gutenberg Bible.
  • 4:07 PM CDT: Dear NYPL, my USB drive is not evil. Plz let patrons use them!
  • 4:08 PM CDT: At Molyvos, at table open to 56th Street breeze, about to nosh on mezze.
  • 6:41 PM CDT: In line to see Avenue Q after 2 disastrous attempts to upload photos to flickr.
  • 8:11 PM CDT: OMG, Avenue Q. I've been crying with laughter.