GTFO. Ahem.

There. Two quilts out in two days. No, I didn’t complete them, start-to-finish, in two days, but they’re leaving my house within 48 hours of each other – and yes, Tenzing is royally displeased. How did you know? Oh, previous photos. Right.

So here’s the wrap-up on two quilts:

As in, seriously, get out of my house, you're taking up space and you need to go to your forever home! This queen-sized scrap quilt is ready to go off and see the world. It'll be shipped to South Carolina this afternoon.

Blog entry for this quilt: thee hence!

[‘Get thee hence!’]

Crayon Box heads to South Carolina, to live with Scott Johnson. He had a good bit of input into its final construction; he chose the size as well as the backing/binding, a very dark, foresty green color. It goes in the mail this afternoon, so I feel pretty justified in calling it “completed” on the quilts page.

What you don't see is that Tim is gonna shank me if I try to take it back.

Blog post about this quilt:, and given.

[‘Finished, and given’]

Lost in Translation’ went a few miles away to Famous Tim’s house. Or, more specifically, his couch. It was queen-sized, as well. (That’s pretty much my default quilt size unless we’re talking about a child’s quilt, and for that it’s twin-sized.)

The goal is to decimate the “works in progress” list this week. Crayon Box and Lost in Translation are done. Penmanship is being quilted at home, and I hope to finish it in the next couple of days. White Librarian finally gets longarm quilting time on Saturday. If I can secure another Saturday on the longarm quilter, I could get Red Librarian done, as well.

At that rate, my soul might find peace and –

Okay, that was such a load of crap that even I couldn’t finish the sentence.

Yeah, I’m juggling my usual load of projects. Once ‘Penmanship’ is done quilting, I can reset the machine for standard sewing, and start assembling the flowers on Hallie’s 1930s quilt, ‘Remixed.’ I can also do test pieces for ‘Seven Brides For Seven Brothers’ to see if the fabrics look right when sewn together. ‘Eat This Quilt’ is a snackfood project to nibble on when I’m in down time, and Adam’s wedding quilt needs a complete redrafting.

Plus, there’s this Liberty fabric I got…

…and there’s this carpenter’s square pattern….

I’ll sleep when I’m dead. When I am, someone toss a quilt over me, please.

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Can't wait to see the White

Can’t wait to see the White Librarian quilted. That’s an amazingly beautiful quilt, both design and fabrics.

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