wurk wurk wurk SAUSAGE wurk

This is what happens when a particular man tells a particular off-color story after a particularly long day at work. Not everyone in this story is heterosexual. That's all you really need to know.

howard: sausage crit 5:54
Checo: howard: don't even joke about those 5:54
Amye: ?? 5:54
Sam: they're hard to deal with 5:54
Checo: Oh, Amye, you didn't hear that story? 5:54
Amye: apparently no 5:54
Checo: You must have missed amyq's webcast. 5:54
Checo: Long story short, I introduced *** to my fiance, John, at the party yesterday... 5:55
Checo: As we were leaving, his wife said "Do you boys like sausage?" 5:55
Amye: ... 5:55
Checo: We politely said yes, so she gave us a big box of 'em. 5:55
Amye: His wife is actually very lovely, I have met her. 5:56
Amye: How did we get from there to sausage crits. 5:56
Checo: So I turn around, and *** says, "So you guys eat sausage?" 5:56
Checo: And my response was, "Yes, sir, I'm a BIG fan of the sausage." 5:56
Amye: refrains from spitting pomegranate juice all over this nice macbook pro 5:57
Byron: keilbasawesome 5:57
Checo: To make matters worse, when I told Sam about it in chat, he asked, "so you love sausage huh?" and i inadvertently responded, "yeah, and *** found out the hard way" 5:57
howard: Brautstanding 5:57
Sam: i swear the only thing better would have been you saying, "yeah *** had a hard time swallowing it." 5:58
Checo: LMAO 5:58
Checo: I think he gave me a dirty look today when I saw him. 5:59
Checo: My desk will be mysteriously missing tomorrow. 5:59
howard: so were they good?? 5:59
howard: the suspense is killing me 5:59
Sam: and the phrase, that will eventually find its way to a meme or t-shirt is, "My Name is Checo. I'm a big fan of sausage. Prepare to die." 5:59
Checo: Idk, my fiance is a bigger sausage fan than I am 5:59
Checo: I couldn't get it down 5:59
Jonathan: oh, wow 6:00
Jonathan: WOW 6:00
Jonathan: um, Checo this is the best story ever 6:01
Jonathan: just catching up on backscroll 6:01
Jonathan: lol 6:01
Checo: I can't wait to tell George and Kenny 6:01
Amye: now, really.. how did we get from there to sausage crits. 6:02
Cameron: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UHKB6nQrzM 6:03
Checo: *shrug* Sam thought I was getting pinged in chat by sausage crits 6:03
howard: http://www.trademarkia.com/checo-75661959.html 6:04
Byron: Howard if there was a 'drops microphone, walks off stage' this would be the time to use it 6:04
Checo: howard: wow 6:04
Byron: emoticon 6:04
Amye: ba-dump-ching 6:04
Sam: aaaaannnnnd….. scene 6:05
howard: drops sausage, walks off stage 6:05
Sam: g'night folks, see you next time! 6:05
howard: <feedback> 6:05
Gord: oy 6:05
Jonathan: oh man 6:05
Sam: http://cibaomeat.com/ 6:06
Sam: or better yet, http://cibaomeat.com/category/checo/ 6:06
howard: lololololol 6:06
Checo: dear Gord: 6:06
Checo: i mean god 6:06
Sam: christmas present: done 6:06
Jonathan: how does it keep getting better?!? 6:07
howard: who knew checo's salami was especial 6:07
Gord: gord evening! 6:07
Checo: LOL 6:07
Amye: "dear Gord". haahahahaha 6:07
Simon: And popular. 6:07
Checo: Oh, look at that… Checo serves a family of five… who knew? 6:07
Amye: so we can state that checo is in fact 'fun for the whole family' 6:07
Sam: oh for FUCKS SAKE 6:07
Checo: and satisfaction is guaranteed 6:08
Sam: i have to order a minimum of $30 worth of checo sausage 6:08
Amye: Checo comes with a price, man 6:08
howard: the song. OMG. THE SONG! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3UxN2fDWts 6:08
Amye: Kenny is going to wonder why there is a bunch of sausage on his desk and this odd song on loop 6:08
Amye: with a dog 6:08
Checo: OMG, the song! 6:09
Amye: "el salami checo' does not have the same ring 6:09
Sam: ahahahaha 6:09
Simon: LOL. oh dear. start the day with a laugh, they say. 6:09
Byron: Checo salami.. sabor gigante 6:09
Checo: oh god 6:09
Checo: my stomach hurts from laughing 6:10
howard: "Bueno, Rico… Es Checo" 6:10
howard: http://esuper.com.do/market/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/5e06319e... 6:10
Byron: There is also a rapper named Chico el salami apparently 6:10
Checo: omg 6:10
Checo: *save* 6:10
Cameron: HAHA 6:11
Byron: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnH9GvpzCjc&feature=relmfu 6:11
Checo: Byron killed it, lol 6:12
Checo: amyq: read the backscroll like it's your job 6:12
howard: imagines amyq's backscroll = raised eyebrows 6:12
amyq Listen up, I'm only gonna say this once: I was summoned by stories of Checo's sausage 6:12
Checo: LMAO 6:12
Amye: < — is the guilty party 6:12
Checo: thank god there are no adults in here tonight 6:13
Amye: hey now. 6:13
amyq you're a rockstar 6:13
Cameron: Simon: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/18100000/Cats-are-ninjas-cats-181... 6:14
Gord: too cute to kill 6:15
Gord: kitteh 6:15
Simon: Awesome cat ninja pic 6:15
Cameron: Gord: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/plaidninjas/plaidninjas18.png 6:16
Cameron: Canadian Ninjas 6:16
Gord: lol, very meta 6:17
Checo: okay, i need to grocery shop. back later. thanks for the laughs, guys! 6:17
Byron: have a good one Checo: 6:17
amyq ahem. 6:17
Checo: amyq: no sausage 6:17
Checo: well, i was gonna get salami, but now i just feel… dirty 6:17
amyq This is stopping you? 6:17
amyq Now THAT is a crit.

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