Sentient phones aren't quite here yet

If you ever wonder why it's hard to walk away from work, it's because exchanges like these happen when you least expect it. As a setup: Adam is one of our new Australia staffers, who was on the last leg of his journey home to Australia after working in Boston for three weeks.

Somehow, I think he's going to fit right in...


10:03:37 PM Erik: but I think it got into some circular loading and tanked the site even with memory_limit of 4G
10:04:34 PM Adam: Somethings I think the spousal installer should run a quiz and if you don't passion get uid 2 with limited poems
10:04:55 PM Adam: Well, I think I might give up trying to converse via phone
10:05:02 PM Amye: …
10:05:12 PM Amye: I can't parse that, but that sentence was awesome
10:05:15 PM Adam: Somethings = sometimes
10:05:25 PM Adam: Spousal = drupal
10:05:37 PM Adam: Passion =pass you
10:05:48 PM Adam: Poems = perms
10:05:48 PM Erik: are you on a smart phone?
10:05:53 PM Sam: i… think you and drupal need to see other people
10:06:00 PM Adam: Is not very smart
10:06:07 PM Erik: that sentence is epic
10:06:13 PM Adam: It needs replacing so fast
10:06:19 PM Sam: wait you didn't intend to say that?
10:06:22 PM Sam: OMFG
10:06:31 PM Sam: i thought you were giving marriage advice
10:06:36 PM Adam: Lok
10:06:36 PM Amye: I periodically think I need a divorce from the internet but Adam, I think you need it more than I do
10:06:49 PM Erik: Oh, I just woke up my wife and kid cause I laughed right out loud...
10:06:50 PM Sam: that's going on the rest of the internet, stat
10:06:58 PM Sam: TO TEH TWITTARS
10:07:03 PM Erik: we need a drupal DYAC
10:07:38 PM Adam: I look forward to it going vital when I get off my next flight
10:08:02 PM Amye: to the twitters
10:08:10 PM Sam: adam: please do not stop talking
10:08:19 PM Amye: this is fabulous.
10:09:04 PM Sam: who has a picture of some famous Drupalist with a sexy look
10:09:17 PM Sam: there must be one of chx or larry garfield with an awkward raised eyebrow
10:09:21 PM Amye: I bet I can find one of larry.
10:09:27 PM Adam: I'm sitting on the plane. My quotes are limited
10:09:55 PM Sam: well an image search for "sexy drupalist" came up with zilch
10:09:59 PM Sam: i should probably be thankful
10:10:18 PM Adam: We're all sect drupalisrs
10:10:23 PM Adam: Sexy
10:10:39 PM Adam: My phone won't let me type sexy
10:10:45 PM Sam: keep digging adam, we haven't hit rock bottom yet
10:11:14 PM Adam: You just wait... When I'm on my laptop
10:11:23 PM Adam: And can type cogently
10:11:28 PM Amye: No, no, maybe we shouldn't wait
10:11:44 PM Sam: adam: explain to me something about memcache
10:11:46 PM Sam: anything about memcache
10:12:06 PM Erik: or varnish...
10:12:13 PM Erik: don't want to see what that corrects to
10:13:29 PM Adam: I just put varnish on my server actually
10:13:42 PM Adam: Menage is what the other one corrects to
10:14:39 PM Adam: I also partially blend the swipe keyboard
10:14:46 PM Adam: Blame *
10:15:06 PM Simon: So Adam, long flight coming up ?
10:16:03 PM Adam: Nah last one
10:16:07 PM Adam: Sydney to camera
10:16:19 PM Adam: Cranberry
10:16:25 PM Adam: Canberra
10:17:04 PM Amye: I think Adam needs the 'bad spellers of the world: UNTIE' shirt for the onsite.
10:17:05 PM Simon: Lolz..
10:17:11 PM Adam: I swear it forgets my dictionary every goddamn day
10:17:11 PM supportbot: adam said "goddamn", adding $1 to their swear jar for a total of $1
10:18:15 PM Adam: I live in that city how the heel dies it forget
10:18:38 PM Amye: I just scared the cat away from laughing.
10:18:40 PM Adam: *throws his phone out of the plane*