Drupalcon notes: 20 APIs Every Drupal Developer Should Know

Presented by the technical lead from Trellon.

APIs let your code interface with other codes - core or contrib.
if you write code, other developers will want to interfact with yours. If you think in terms of Apis, your code quality improves.

Which APIs should you know?

Drupalcon notes: How Drupal Works: An Architect's Overview by Jeff Eaton

  • Content & User Centric
  • For those who are evaluating: Use it for what it's good for, don't try to shoehorn it into things it shouldn't do
  • Modular: without the modules, it's just a set of APIs that listen for HTTP requests
  • Event-driven: hooks instead of listeners
  • Skinnable / themable - everything passes through the theme layer
  • Organic: a bonus for a vibrant community but sometimes leads to code repetition -- there are some examples of this in the theme layer
  • APIs - things that live inside the magical '/includes' folder. They're very separate from the modules that are visible to end users. You wouldn't turn off the 'user' or 'node' modules.
  • API layer:
    • Menu API: routing (path 'x/y/z' requested, what module should build it?) menus, navigation, breadcrumb trails

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