To Elijah on his First Week Anniversary

If you aren't on Misty and Stephen's "Sprout Updates" list, it's unlikely that you'll get a link to what Stephen wrote:

"To Elijah on his First Week Anniversary"


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Do the dance of joy!

As commanded, the Huntsville geeken shall do the dance of joy today: Elijah Clark Granade 7 lbs., 5 oz. Born oh, right around an hour ago - 8:13 a.m. Central time. No photos yet. Something about the parents wanting time to spend with their newfound kidlet before just handing him over to the local geeks. (Who knew?

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Congratulations, good egg!

For Monica, who was, once upon a time, a high school friend; later, the only college roommate I ever liked; and now - a mother.


Aidan Scott Revor, born Tuesday, July 29. Eight pounds, two ounces. She's home, but he's still hanging out in the NICU until he gets some blood-sugar issues stabilized.