These are a few of my favorite things

This quilt has a secret. I'd intended to make a game of it, but someone spilled the beans on Flickr.



I am in placeholder time, the time between fully here and fully there in which one's thoughts are distractedly trying to root in both places at once and -- usually -- failing miserably.

The twitter repost script is turned on, so you'll see my increasingly nervous natterings as the trip inches ever closer. it feels real now, real like the fine layer of cat fur Tenzing deigned to place on my bags tonight.

Jeff is gone to Seattle already; words sneak back east of his doings and his travels. The stories await my arrival for the telling; all I have right now are Adam's snapshots of Jeff, so familiar and yet so far away.

non-refundable teachers

My actions were characteristic of me, this post less so.

We neither of us are really sure of how, exactly, the friendship got started, but it did center around music and graduated to code and phone calls. That was years ago, and my clearest memory of them was walking outside on a lazy summer night, sitting outside in the driveway, bare feet on concrete, eyes to sky, and watching the stars circle as we talked.

Single digits.

Here we are. The clock on my computer says we have exactly a week to go, and the scary thing is, I think we're more ready than we've been in years past. Jeff brought the Ops server up last night, and I started testing it to make sure the basic functions were ready to go.

I've found a few oddities, and it's not fully functional yet, but I've got a list of fixes and tweaks, and everything looks manageable.

Notching the concert bedpost

Newsletter just came out - Steely Dan will be touring the States this summer. It has been approximately four minutes since I last breathed. I will resume breathing shortly.

Currently, the closest dates to AL are in Chicago and Washington DC, but the DC dates conflict with this year's dragon*con. More dates are supposed to be booked later, and I would think that an Atlanta, Nashville, or New Orleans date would be amongst them.