Stomach flu, it seems

Be impressed—I was seen by a doctor today. There was rejoicing in the streets, especially where my friends were concerned. The medical consensus is a well-known little bug known as "stomach flu." I was given phenergan to help combat the nausea I've been having, and told to go home and rest.

I took the medicine soon after I got home. I ate two pieces of toast, drank four ounces of juice, and settled in to read. I woke up nearly five hours later, desperately groggy, warm under my quilt, and with two purring cats nestled along my left side.And I was hungry. Tonight's supper is a bowl of soup. With crackers. And juice. It tastes warm and comforting and heavenly. It's Tuesday evening. I haven't been actually hungry since Saturday night. Jeff is eating pizza in the living room and the smell doesn't nauseate me; this is great.

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Repeat after me: I will not whine

Repeat after me: I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine. I will not whine.

Since the wondergeeks invited me over to watch Dune and try to eat some soup, I thought I'd take them up on the offer. The movie was excellent—this miniseries looks like it will be miles better than the previous attempt to bring Frank Herbert's novel to the screen—but I think it would've been better for me if I could've managed to keep down some of the soup they fed me.

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A ping from the past

Well, it was bound to happen eventually, but I'm surprised that it took this long. I've been found.

Someone who knows me from back home sent me a "Who are you?" email to one of my domesticat addresses. It's a disturbing feeling to see a name in your inbox that you haven't thought about in years, and to realize that because of the privacy precautions you've taken, that they don't know who you are. Gotta love having a very common first name while not making your surname public. This person correctly recognized that if I grew up in the [very small] town that I claim I did, and attended the [very small] high school that I attended, that she must undoubtedly know me.

She is correct.

I answered the email; I wonder if I'll regret doing so. I think Jeff wishes that I hadn't replied; I've said some pretty personal stuff on domesticat about a lot of things going on in my life, and I think he's concerned that some people (read: my family) might be offended or hurt.

An emergency trip


I had to take Jeff to the emergency room at 1:30 this morning. Kidney stones, yum.

We just got home. Nothing like spending 3.5 hours in the emergency room early on a Wednesday morning to make me all nice and cheery. I'm currently functioning on an hour of sleep. Jeff just took some painkillers and went to bed.

I'm thinking that I'll be working from home today. Ugh.

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The arrival of the aneurysm

Soon after I got home tonight, my mother called. I immediately suspected that something was wrong. Mom uses email to keep me updated on just about everything—she only uses phone calls when she's not comfortable conveying something through text.

Sure enough, something's up. My dad's last yearly physical turned up something abnormal, which further tests have indicated is an aortic aneurysm, size currently unknown. Judging from the fact that Russell (my family's doctor, and Mom's second cousin) has requested that Dad's tests be run as soon as possible, things point toward this aneurysm being something of a large one.

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The world keeps spinning...

For all of you that kept needling me to go to the doctor, yeah, you were right, okay? Now be quiet! :) Actually, I got better news than I expected. I have a nasty ugly sinus infection—bad enough that the doc felt that part of my problem was that I wasn't getting good sleep because of it. So Dr. Puri loaded me up with industrial-strength antihistamines (a shot, no less!) and sent me home with a prescription for a wicked-strength anti-coughing medicine and told me to get some rest.I have GOT to find out what these meds are. Two hours after the shot, I would've sworn to you that I wasn't even sick. I could breathe, I could think. So I did a couple of loads of laundry, made a very-necessary run to the bank, and picked up a few bags of groceries. Then came home and lolled on the couch for a few hours. Last night I slept like a log and actually woke up before my alarm this morning (thus, having enough time to write this before I amble off to work).