Pens, ink, and gifts

A question arose from last night's conversation. I've been surprised to learn that a few of my friends have been fascinated by my Travails of the Fountain Pen™ and would be interested in giving a fountain pen a try.

Are you one of those people? Let me know in the comments. I might -- just might -- have a plan. So far I've given pens to two people, and instance #3 is in progress. Last night's conversation makes me wonder if there are more of you out there than I realized.

Write. Slowly.

So far, I've managed to explain to very few people why I adore using a fountain pen. It's the equivalent of the 'slow food' movement for writing. While I don't see myself going back to iron gall ink and dip pens, there's a tactile pleasure in using a fountain pen that I just don't get with ballpoints.

Ballpoints are blunt instruments. Not getting the ink flow you want? Scrub the point of the pen against the paper as fast and as hard as you can. You'll either get ink, and go on with your life, or you'll throw away the pen and uncap a new one that will be just like the old one.