About the Red Librarian

The 'red librarian' started out as a joke between Jacob and me. There's such a stereotype surrounding librarians: buttoned-up, prim, proper women. You know the type: butter wouldn't melt in their pursed mouths, nor would a sheet of paper wedge between their knees. But there's also the stereotype of the "lipstick librarian" -- the flamboyant, reactionary woman who rebels from that stereotype and creates her own look.

Washington, DC twitterlog for Monday, March 2, 2009

I managed to be in DC for the snowstorm ... yay? This, of course, would be the day I needed to tromp all over creation to meet the librarians...

Seattle, Day 2: Librarians

Librarians and interstate commerce. Tweets from Seattle, day 2.

Quickest photo shoot ever

This entry is partly to test a code fix and partly to grin at the results of this morning's photography.

BJ asked me on a Tuesday morning if I needed any more photos soon.  I saw her in the break room a couple of hours later while I was carrying my camera, and asked if I could shoot her today.  We agreed that the sequined awesomeness needed to be shared with the world.#37 - Sequined awesomeness

BJ is a favorite and consistent photo subject of mine. I got an excellent headshot of her for a print piece I worked on a couple of months ago, but I had to cut her photo out of the finished piece due to space constraints. It made me sad, because her photo was excellent; it was just trumped by two better photos.

This morning, she saw my camera bag and said, "Think you'll need another shot of me sometime soon?" I told her that I might, but that it would be for a very different project.

Rupert Giles, bring me my tea

This New York Times article has been making the rounds at work: 'A Hipper Crowd of Shushers'

"How did such a nerdy profession become cool — aside from the fact that a certain amount of nerdiness is now cool? Many young librarians and library professors said that the work is no longer just about books but also about organizing and connecting people with information, including music and movies."

teh linkyfood, it wubs me

In the guise of aliveness, I present two things:THING THE FIRST: should you wish to continue the harmless cycle of attention-whoreness that Valentine's Day perpetuates, consider doing Valentines online. If for no other reason that if I see my friends doing this online, I'll feel less guilty about not sitting down and actually designing/printing/mailing actual creative/funny/amusing/thoughtful/touching/smarmy Vallies on my own.