home at last.

Today I admitted defeat. I came in early—at 8:30—and left many many hours early—around 11:00 by my count. I was exhausted, bleary, and feeling worse by the hour. So I took my work with me and went home.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and bought a few sundries (milk, munchies, something for dinner tomorrow).

I petted the cats, settled down to work at the computer for a little while after eating some food, and then realized that my exhaustion wasn't going to go away if I didn't rest. So I decided to take a nap—and woke up three hours later.I probably could have gone back to sleep. It was difficult to wake up. I remember opening my eyes and trying to fight my way out of what felt like a thick fog. I don't know how long it took for me to actually wake up, but it was quite a while. It helped that the cats were swirling around me and meowing.

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Bathroom discoveries

First, when I went into the bathroom a few minutes ago, I found a pen. Because of what was on it, I know who it belonged to. The pen was screen-printed with many different fonts, and the message read, over and over:

Jesus Is Y2K Ready!

I'm desperately trying to be kind here. I'm failing miserably. Look, I respect everyone's differences, and will fight to the death to ensure that everyone is allowed to worship as he or she chooses—but dammit, I can't help laughing if your slogans are dumb.

(C'mon, folks, it's nearly September 2000 already—give up the Y2K stuff and go crawl back into your caves.)

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