Differential equations

Kat's here—she and Jeff are trying to work through some sticky differential equations. Ahhh, the fun that occurs when undergrad EEs meet up with my graduate-student EE husband! You'll note that I'm hanging out here in the computer room with Edmund and avoiding all the joyous calculus. :)

I'm trying to figure out where the weekend went. I slept longer than usual Saturday while recovering from that small bout of the yuks, and I think that's where part of the weekend vanished to. Today's been quiet—I bought groceries, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and rested. Really rested. Brain rest is good, because tomorrow morning I need to wake up, go to work, and crank out a mind-boggling second-level navigation proposal for my company's website. Yeah, I can do this on a Monday morning.

I'm contemplating an ice cream bar. I've been craving sweets all day—rather unusual of me, since I usually don't crave sweet things.