More twitter tests on shuttle launch day

I'm retesting the twitter_blackbird module to see if I can track down the glitches I saw last time, but in the meantime, here are my two favorite tweets from the morning:



It was this, or opposable thumbs

Since I tend to speak for the cats a lot, I thought I'd make it official.


(also, I'm helping the creator of the Twitter Blackbird module for Drupal test a D6 version.)

tap, tap, microphone

Dearest peeps who read this blog via RSS, did this entry show up in your feedreaders?

Fingers crossed; I think I may have found the problem that caused private entries to not show up in feedreaders.

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unfortunately instructional

If you're seeing this, the site is back up now. The past two days have been, shall we say, "unfortunately instructional" regarding drupal.

That's the polite way to say, "I know something's wrong, I'm trying out ways to fix it, and it's driving me crazy."

Drupal and I have not been friends this week.

Playing again

So here I am, testing again. I wasn't happy with the last attempt I made at turning an entry private, so I'm going to try this new version out. This latest version is a password-protection on a node-by-node basis. Problem is, I can't test it without posting, and that's going to spray tests around everywhere.

Specifically, I need to know how the node looks if you don't have the password, and I want to know how it acts in an RSS feed.

So let's see what happens....


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