Say what you mean

Stick by your words, domesticat.

Despite what Matthew will tell you, I'm generally a nice and polite person, especially in public. I let my hair down on this site more than I often do in face-to-face conversations, and every now and then I have to learn to live with the little lump in my throat that comes with speaking my mind.

Peacock eyes

You never know when you're going to fall in love. Well, I wouldn't so much call it 'love' as I would 'deep and abiding lust.'

Adrienne Vittadini. Cristina. Color #4.

photo of skein of Adrienne Vittadini yarn

Birthday shawl

This is a shawl salvaged from a pattern gone desperately, desperately wrong. We're talking "throw the unfinished project across the room and screech out loud" wrong. I'd started working this yarn in an Irish net stitch, which looks like a large series of interconnected X's with open areas in between.

dragon*con 2005: T minus seven

"Good morning, this is Yarn Expressions.""Hi. I think I've got the weirdest question you're going to hear all day. My name's Amy…"

"Ah, yes. That ball of green yarn you bought yesterday afternoon is sitting here on the counter. You can pick it up at any time."

"I tore my car apart yesterday after I got home, looking for that yarn."

"Yeah, you probably wouldn't have found it in your car… If you hadn't called by noon we were going to call you."

"It's been sort of a long week."

"We all have those."

Blue Ambition #2: gothed and halfway!

If you missed the explanation of what "Blue Ambition" is, and why I'm knitting it, go back to the entry "Blue Ambition #1: grid up!" and catch up. I have a bit more detail to pass on now.

I took the week of Jeff's first week in San Francisco off, so that I could concentrate on the dragon*con tech staff work that was piling up, and thus I'm not as far along as I'd like to be. The good news is that I'm halfway through the knitting of the blanket.

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