New holiday skin: 'sleigh bells'

I've promised for a couple of years now that I would someday do a holiday skin. 'Sleigh bells' is as close as I think you're going to get. Just a wee bit of holiday, and no pink (you're welcome, Geof).

Call it a side effect of all the Christmas music I've been playing lately, but I've made 'sleigh bells' [see a screenshot] the default skin for the holiday season. Those of you who have already picked a skin won't see a change, but those of you visiting the site for the first time will see 'sleigh bells' instead of 'mint.' (I don't like 'mint'. I wanted an excuse to make it all go away.)

The text size is comfortable for me, but if it's too small for a bunch of folk, I'll consider making it a bit bigger.

(Now I really have to get the search function working again. Sigh.)

While I'm at it, it's also probably time for my yearly watching of 'The Grinch That Stole Christmas.' Maybe this will be the year I can finally sing along to all the songs…



Amy ... is this a photo of yours?

Great job girlie! I love the picture and colors!! :)

No, it's not a photo of mine. I believe it's by a man named Gary Morris, but I can't confirm this. When I was working at the old web design job that shan't be named, we had access to a stock of royalty-free photos. I saw this image and really liked it, and used it as a desktop image for ages and ages. The original is more of a lavender-on-white; I warped the colors a bit to get the blue I wanted. I no longer have access to the site, but when I saved off the photos I made a note of the name 'Gary Morris,' but I can't find any record of him or his photos on the web. So, I've credited him, since I didn't take the photo. I'll keep looking, but I'll leave the credits as they stand now until a more definitive credit pops up.

Ahhhh, okay. Amy, you looked at this in Moz? If not, I have a screenshot to send you when I get home.

LOVE this skin! Probably my favorite yet... but it mungs in Mozilla when the windows is sized under 840! :( The boxes at the side (random entry, latest comments, coolstop, etc.) get superimposed onto the center column. screenshot 1 and screenshot 2. Resizing over 840 width fixes the problem, but as I surf with a sidebar these days that makes my window awfully huge :/ because, as we all know, it's all about me. ;) Anyone else having this issue? I thought I finally got a browser that works...

Bleh. Yeah, I should probably fix that. It's not your browser; it's how I did the CSS for the three columns. I think I can fix this, but I'll have to ponder it a bit.

I like the skin, but for some reason I still like "mint" the best. It's got a simplistic beauty that I could never emulate without mangling. Kudos on the new skin, even if I did go back to mint! :)

I'm using Internet Destroyer 6.0, I have an 18-inch monitor and I'm having issues with the superimposing and what-not. But it is a beautiful skin. I think it's the best one I've seen as well. Here's to hoping it can be repaired. *jinglejingle*