Big ocean. Little domesticat.

Never let it be said that I don't ever let anyone take photos of me. Jody, not a word from you, boy.

Noah says: "Make sure everyone knows that these are just snapshots, and not my usual artistic stuff."

[full photoset is here]

Done. :)


I like the 5th picture best

The last two are faves. What kicks ass about the last is that you see a reflection in the left lens. ;)

Word All the pics are wonderful. The first because that smile on your face is priceless.... The last because of the reflection in the lens. It captures the real you.

Great photos! Much better than my feeble attempts at the GC! Danny misses his 'kitty-pant' lady! He was cranky all day and camped out by your bedroom waiting for you to come out! Silly boy! :)