Just go with it, pop culture girl!

Afterwards, I said to Jeff: "I should call Andrew, you know. He and Joy both will be tickled to hear this."

A few minutes later: phone, earpiece, and frightening number of night and weekend minutes firmly in hand, I used my cell phone to call Andrew and Joy's house. I reached Andrew, and could immediately hear noise in the background. "Hey, Amy! We're playing Siedler, so I can't talk for very long…""Well, I won't keep you. But I have some news for you that I think you'll like."

"Oh dear. What's that?"

"I started watching season 1 of Buffy tonight."

—at which point he yells "Woo-hoo!"—and puts the phone down. Slightly muffled, I hear him say, "Guess what? Amy's started watching Buffy!" Not so muffled was the cheer that erupted at the end of the sentence.

It only took a few months of pressuring for me to give in. They explained it well to me; truly, they did: "First you'll laugh. Then you'll hate yourself for laughing. Then, at some point, you'll realize that you're watching it because it stopped being funny and started becoming really really good, and at that point, you'll be hooked."

Or, as Sarah said, "Season 1 is silly. But it builds the characters. Just go with it."

So I shall. Episodes 5-12 of season 1 will be on their way, soon enough. Andrew and Joy will arrange for videotapes of season 2 to come my way. If they arrive soon enough, I'll be able to start watching season 3 as it's being rebroadcast.

Right now, it's all more than a little silly (but, thankfully, not nearly as dreadfully silly as the original movie was). Over the years, though, I've learned that my taste in TV and movies runs very close to Joy's and Andrew's, so I'm going to trust in their opinion and keep watching. It's been quite a while since I've had the chance to sink my teeth into a totally new show; this should be entertaining, to say the least.

If nothing else, it means that when I'm working tech staff at Dragon*Con this year, I can take a break and actually attend an event. I know that Sarah would like nothing better than to see me attend events in the Buffy track.

Good grief. I think that's pop culture grabbing me by the throat. Oh, dear…

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Yeah, they've pretty much nailed down my experience in being a convert to Buffy fandom. It was one of the most dreadfully dumb things I'd ever seen at first - but I kept watching at a friend's insistence, and by the end of the first season (of the DVD set) - especially with the last three episodes - I was hooked. (This one part in "Nightmares" had me in tears - something that never, *ever* happens to me with a TV show.) I'll wait until seeing the second season set before deciding it's a GREAT show, but I definitely want to keep watching.

The second season just gets you hooked even more. I wish it didn't show on Tuesday nights when I'm in dance class. It's hard to keep up with it, although I'm finding ways of seeing the shows that I've missed.

Oh, I do so love Buffy. And it didn't hook me until the start of season 3, but now I'm so glad that they are playing reruns on fx because I've gotten to see seasons 1 and 2. Season 3 is my fav, even after watching 4,5, and part of 6 :) But they are all great. And the characters are so terrifically developed along the way. I never cease to be amazed! So if you ever need some buffy sites to visit, drop me a line ;)

I have yet to be hooked, but I'm further along that road than I'd like to admit. I was TiVo-ing and taping all the episodes from Season One onward for someone else, because I'm a nice guy like that, and somewhere around the end of Season Two I started actually watching some of them as I taped them. Now I'm thinking of going back and renting the DVD's for Season One. It's embarrassing, though. I am not sure why I'm admitting it here. I think it's because you did. I will be curious what you think of the show.

TV? What is this appliance you're speaking of?