The cats get proof at last.

I'd just like to note that if you search for "cat abuse" on, is the fourth result.If you like, see the original post. It contains a truly graphic photo (which you can click on to get an even larger version of the graphic abuse they undergo here at this house).

Yes. Abused severely. I suppose someone should rescue them and … uh … ok, I'm out of ideas here … anyone want two obscenely large cats? They're friendly, really, except when they're not.

(If I'm abusing them, does this mean I get to kick them out of bed tonight? Please please please mommy?)

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*snort* those cats are spoiled to death... oh wait, that COULD be abuse, but I've met them so nope... Crazy kitties!

And now, with the link from this to the original post, it's the second result on (not counting the paid-for PETA ad). Way to climb the ladder!