planetary action

I could think that maybe I dreamed one of you, but not all of you; the carnage of my kitchen proves that you were here, really here, and that this house bore witness to a party the likes of which I haven't seen in many years. You were here, and I remember sitting in my favorite spot in the the reading room, far-cornered on the thirdhand couch with a drink in my hand, looking from one face to another and smiling to myself as I clutched my drink. "You said you wanted a birthday party!" was exclaimed to me over and over, as Yet Another Geek came here with proffered alcohol and food.

You sat on my couches and snored away in virtually every room. I tiptoed over and around you each morning, amused to see you all here, gathered together in one place for the express purpose of throwing a good little bash.

The day before you all arrived, I stood watch over my stand mixer as I made four batches of cookie dough. I watched the paddle attachment circle and spin through the dough and wondered what you would all make of this house, of my quiet little life, of each other.

In the end, past the cleaning and the tidying and the labeled cabinets and the FAQ in the bathroom, I wanted something very simple: to surround myself with my geek family. Between drinks and food and private little conversations I studied your faces, each and every one, so that on days quieter than these I could savor these moments on my own time.

My house is quiet without you, but my heart is so full it aches.

Thank you.


wait...there were cookies and I missed them?

Yes, there were LOTS of cookies. Every time someone mentioned there were fresh cookies the horde of locusts (that vaguely resembled people) descended upon the kitchen until the cookies were all devoured. Unfortunately I never saw a camera or videocam out when this happened. Happy birthday (again) Amy!

i'm very glad you had an awesome bday weekend! i such a wonderful time that this readjust back to mundane life is just as painful as the one after con...

*grins* It's a wonderful thing to do something out of love for a person and when you are doing this thing you feel that love returned without comment or question nor with worry or strife. Family means a lot of things to a lot of people but anyone who ever says it's just about blood obviously doesn't get it. :) Happy Berfday Domesticat!

It was a wonderful weekend, I am glad I was able to share in it.