Quilt seeking love and permanent home

This very low-contrast quilt top was actually the second one I ever worked on, but I put it aside and did not finish it at the time. I pulled it out this week and decided that it deserves to be loved and used, despite its imperfections, and that I should finish it and give it away.

It will be my 42nd completed quilt, and as such it deserves a good Hitchhiker's name. Current thoughts are "Mostly Harmless" or "Hyperspace Bypass," but I'm open to other appropriate names.

It does not have a home.

This was actually the second quilt top I ever worked on, but I never finished it. It's not perfect, but sitting on my shelf doesn't do it -- or a friend -- any good.

It will be my 42nd quilt finished, and I'm thinking this is my one chance for a Hitchhiker's-named quilt.Now, what to name it?

If it gives you a warm fuzzy, get in touch. I have a nasty travel schedule for the next couple of months, so I don't know when I can quilt it, but I'd love to at least settle on an owner and a proper backing fabric.

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Amy, I think this one is beautiful. And how about Life, the Universe and Everything for a title?

"So Long and Thanks for All The Squares" (or Cloth or etc)

"So Long and Thanks for all the Squares." Or Cloth, or similar.


Alternatively, "Deep Thought" after the computer that spit out '42'.

I dig that quilt. I'd be thrilled to receive it. :)

Steph - I just realized that I had comments awaiting approval on this post. This one's claimed, but I would LOVE to do one for you / Dan / Natalie. I've always assumed you guys were totally set on quilts, so I never asked. Turns out, this was silly of me. I'll ping you privately with some extra info that'll help me know what quilt project might be good to divert to you guys...