Gonna need a montage.

I've taken the rest of the week off of work in a fit of "oh crap I will be on the road for HOW long? and what can I finish if I focus on nothing but sewing for a week?"

We're gonna need a montage. I realize that a movie about quilting can only go in either the "Beautiful Mind" (crazed genius throws fabric about long enough that amazing things happen) vein or the "Waiting For Godot" vein (audience sits around, waiting for the explosions and car chases that never happen) vein.

I'm going to have a LOT of time in the next few days to listen to music. I need recommendations. I promise jazzy montage pix.

A sample of the excitement level: I mean, right now I'm working on a top of almost Amish simplicity based on a huge pile of drapery silks I was given a couple of years ago. I cut them into huge triangles because -- hey DON'T WALK AWAY FROM ME, I'M STILL TALKING HERE.

Got any recommendations on music I should be listening to? At the rate I'm going, I will catch up on all of my podcasts ... *looks* ... today.

Yeah, send help and/or tunes. Also, if you're in Huntsville and wanna come sit in the sewing room and chitchat with me while I sew sew sew, this is the week.


Blade Runner soundtrack

Vivaldi's Four Seasons

soundtrack from The Late Quartet

and of course, Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"