I rushed Tenzing to the vet's this morning. It doesn't look good. He was carrying his right front paw limply and screeching to wake me up at 5am today, and I hoped it was just a physical injury. The vet believes we are looking at either a catastrophic neurological problem, a stroke, or something physical like a slipped disc that would cause numbness.

He's in a great deal of distress right now. I asked the vet to give him a sedative to help him calm down, and brought him home. He's currently on my bed, clearly still distressed but calming a little. I'm hoping he'll sleep if I don't hover over him.

We can pursue a CT scan to rule out repairable physical injury, and I'm inclined to go that far, as it's non-invasive. If it is neurological, the decisions get tougher, and entirely revolve around quality of life. If he cannot be a happy and comfortable cat, then I have to be realistic. Tenzing is nearly 14 years old, has a heart condition that is untreatable and eventually fatal, and ... has had an amazing, loving, cared-for life.

It may be time to let my kitty-kid go. It's not what I want, but I've known since early 2011 that this was a possibility. In adopting him I promised to make the right decisions for him, including this one if the time came.

More updates when I have more information.

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Amy,  I'm so sorry to hear this!  The  uncertainty of the situation has got to be frustratin and scary.  

I can't speak for the heart issue because I have not had a kitty with that issue, but if it's a stroke, it is possible for your kitty to recover.  I've had two cats that had strokes.  One recently passed away - he was almost 20 - but the other one is doing ok.  She has a little bit of trouble with her balance now but other than that is the same sweet kitty we've always had.  Our doctor out her on prednisone for a few weeks (not sure if that's possible with his heart condition) and she got lots of TLC.  

You guys have been through so much together so no matter what happens or decisions you make, it will come from a place of love and what's best for him.  


I've got my fingers crossed.  My kitties are sending best wishes as well.  It's so hard to see our loved ones in distress, especially when we don't speak fluent Meow.  

I'm sorry, Amy.