Ends and means

I can say, finally, after five years and seven months:

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State of the household

There have been some changes. More on that soon. The current state of the household:

  • Kolohe (my 11-year-old tabby): “Eh, whatever. Can has ear rubs, humans?”
  • Frank (Noah’s 17-year-old tuxie): “New cats? Whatevs. I’ve done this before. That food looks tasty.”
  • Toph (Noah’s 2-year-old):NOPE. Not coming out of the sewing room. I’m chickenshit.”

and then there’s Beryl. Oh, Beryl.

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Time gets away from you. It’s easy to lose track, even if you’re not trying, and – let’s be honest – I was trying. I can’t feign shock or surprise that life moved on while I was dealing with other issues; now all I can do is choose how much of it I want to reclaim, and in what fashion.

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About the tonka bean

I’ve been a bit of an evangelist for tonka beans for some time. I love the scent and the taste, and I don’t agree with the FDA’s decision to ban them from food. The Atlantic has an excellent article (The Tonka Bean: An Ingredient So Good It Has to Be Illegal) about the allure of tonka beans, and the [asinine] reasons they’re banned from food in the US.

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8 August 2015 to 13 September 2015
60-degree diamonds
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Completed and given away

Crossroads was intended to be a quick quilt, with an overall color directive from the recipient: dark and midtone blue, brown, and green. Easy enough; I went to my stash and quickly realized I was pulling out a lot of Australian aboriginal fabrics, and made a deliberate attempt to include fabrics from as many parts of the world as possible:

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