By her maps you shall know her

Right, so, I’m an overplanner – and yet it’s satisfying! I’ve been doing my usual intense research, identifying the kinds of things I’d want to do and see while I’m away. It makes for a pretty hefty map.

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minimum packing = maximum freedom

If this works, it’s going to be epic. Say hello to my un-nicknamed backpack. She opens up quite nicely; there are more pockets and places, but this gives you an idea of what I can stow. For a month, here’s what’s going with me, in this 6.3” x 18.3” x 14” pack:

alarm-clock life

I am unsure of when our world changes from a potential dreamscape to an alarm-clock life, but I am aware that it does. There is a seething vitality and immediacy to the lives of young adults that comes from a lack of comprehension of the fleeting nature of life, coupled with an almost boundless fountain of energy. Time passes, though, and what eventually comes is more (settled? sedate? predictable?) except when it isn’t.

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Code is gold, teaching is ...

I’m back from an unexpected, last-minute week in Boston. It was my first chance to practice, in person, what I’ve been doing online for my colleagues: teaching. It turns out there’s a need for technically-minded people who can write, communicate, and share their knowledge.

This is something I needed to see in person.

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Death to 'bacn'

I’ve been enjoying my first avalanche-free week in a few years. It’s quite lovely, but it took some pain to get here; I gutted and completely redid how I filtered my personal email in a last-ditch attempt to keep it under control.

I’d had a system in the past that worked reasonably well, but over time, as more companies switched to reaching me through email, my original plan no longer sufficed. I do sometimes miss the day that a single ‘bacn’ folder could hold all the Authorized Pork Product Email™ I received, but that day is long past.

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