sand, stain, and varnish, part II

Pretty simple, really: shelves make me purr, Edmund hide, Tenzing deathly curious, and Jeff wish he could sit on the couch and do something else for a while.

Funny to think that I've been waiting three years to get all this figured out, when it seems so obvious now. Shelves, shelves, everywhere. Then, toss in enough furniture to make the room respectable, plus a few tables and some nice lighting, and suddenly you've got a room that isn't ignored, but enjoyed.

sand, stain, and varnish

In the end, it will take twelve shelves to finish transforming the room. True, it would be quicker to purchase ready-made shelving. Quicker, brasher; the end result would be just that: twelve identical shelves.

I haven't taken that route. Not this time, and I'm not even completely sure why.This morning, I tapped fingernails against the varnish of the third shelf, satisfying myself that the horizontal surface of the shelf would be smooth enough for my liking. Of the three done so far, it is probably the lightest.

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a cat in grayscale

…is a lovely thing indeed.

I'm not sure why I like working in black and white better than I like working in color, but it's always been that way for me. It's not unlike drawing - by subtracting the inessential, you're left with only the subject's essence.

dragon*con photos, part 1

The first set of photos from the madness that is working tech staff at dragon*con…

In 'High Feline', reading is fundamental

Since I've been doing little but coding lately, I thought I'd offer up a photo that has absolutely nothing to do with coding and everything to do with what really matters in this house—the cats. After all, you can't have 'domesticat' without the 'cat.' (Those perverse ones among you who sat up and said, "But you can't have 'domesticat' without an 'omesti'! Where's the picture of the omesti?"—you are not tall enough to ride this ride. Go away; you're bothering me.)

A cat and her hat...

(Apologies to everyone who knows how to pronounce 'New Orleans' correctly, including myself.)

Heather and Jess:

Oh, domesticat,
you should have seen
this knitting shop
in New Orleans!

We saw the yarn
and thought of you.
You love to knit
(and crochet too)


We bought you just a little bit.
We thought you'd have such fun with it.

This single skein
was Japanese
(and cost a lot,
forgive us please