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As I tidied up the entry for Fuego, since I put it in the mail today, I looked over the quilt list for the year and was a little disheartened, because I felt like I haven't accomplished much this year. It's also entirely possible that I'm an idiot.

It's the end of October. In 2012, I've finished:

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Birthday stars

The story: I was fabric-hunting in the Petticoat Lane district in London, where there's a street of nothing but African fabric shops one after another, selling 6-yard lengths of what's variably called "dutch wax fabric," "african wax fabric," etc. The marketplace looks like this, with racks and racks of clothing available for sale out in the street, and wax fabric storefronts on both sides of the street:

Marimekko haul

I've been doing some Serious Writing in the meantime but let me just tell you ... I've survived Germany and France, and am currently recovering from a minor gastrointestinal issue in Copenhagen. Due to the short length of my stay, and the fact that this bug thoroughly kicked my ass for 24h, I won't see as much of the city as I'd like.

However, I hit up Marimekko. Much evil was acquired.


7 April 2012 to 25 April 2012
Jennifer and Lewis
Log cabin
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Completed and given away

Scarlet was a short-timer, a quilt top nabbed for a song, given a few quick repairs, and finished up. I make no secret that I keep an eye on the auctions for used quilt tops; mostly I look to see what's out there, and very very rarely I'm moved to pick one up.

She -- and this quilt top was a 'she' from the start -- just delighted me from the start. It was lovely, imperfect, and utterly without pretense; it was a hand-sewn quilt top in the log cabin variation known as "straight furrows."

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Epic, chilly journey

Yesterday, in sewing terms, was nothing short of an epic journey. I had to check my last.fm account to see a tally of exactly what the final answer was (the question, of course, being, "What do I have to do to finish this quilt top this weekend?") --

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spaces between

I finished the top for Pentagon papers tonight. I don't have any photos, because it's dark and it's late and it's Friday and ... do I really have to make more excuses here?

... yeah, thanks.

I need to flip the quilt top over, trim any seam allowances that are too large, and then press it ... but of course, pressing it means re-filing all of the fabric that I've pulled out this week to finish PP. It does seem like every round of tasks comes with seventeen codicils these days, but it is what it is.