Great big stinking pile of do-over

I read several quilt blogs that mention how we shouldn't just post pretty pictures of the finished products we are working on, but instead should talk about the process of the things we make. So let me describe where I stand on the quilt I'm working on right now:


Up. Ge. Fucht.

Screwed the pooch, six ways from Sunday, deities on crutches, fubar'ed, etc. I blew it like a blind ref with a grudge and six seconds remaining.

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Delft Punk

23 September 2010 to 12 January 2013
Dan's little one!
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Completed and given away

Delft Punk has had a placeholder on my site for a long time, because I haven't known what to do with it, and I haven't known who it was for. I know that this project has been my travel project for a couple of years, and only recently have I started working on it with any degree of fervor.

I know that I initially bought fabric for it in Minnesota, because I saw a set of Delft blue fabrics I liked. I put them aside for ages, and then something made me decide to tackle it using English paper piecing.

This layout came from Denver, where I was attending a conference a year ago:

Hello, pastel unicorn

Hooray updates! Yesterday afternoon, on the way home, I asked myself the question that often -- OFTEN -- leads to trouble:  "Okay, so I've cleared lots of the little projects out of the way. What big beast can I tackle tonight?"

I thought about Miss Pretty Primrose, and scratched my head. Hmm. Well, my objection has been that I'd never attempted to do a full-sized quilt on my machine at home, but I had such a horrid experience at the rented longarm quilt machine last time that maybe I should just tackle it.

Square dance

I haven't talked much about the ideas for Sailor's Warning because I'd not sewed even a test square together. It was little but an ephemeral, wacky idea, and there was no point doing much about it until I had my materials under control.

What's your quilt process?

I changed up the quilts page a bit recently to give some better insight to what's going on in my head over here. Drupal lets me be flexible with my content types, and some time ago I set up a content type for my quilts. If you look at http://domesticat.net/quilts you'll see my current works-in-progress are roughly ordered by state of completion. I thought I'd explain the terms; I get the impression sometimes that my friends think this process is really inscrutable, when it's not.

The quilt list: antique, vintage, resale?

A couple of weeks ago, when I asked Catherine E. what kind of quilt she was interested in, she told me she loved the look of Dresden Plate quilts from the 1930s. I started researching it, and discovered something I really should have predicted, but had not: many things on places like eBay turn up from estate sales, and quilt pieces are part of estate sales. I've been staring in fascination ever since.