What's your quilt process?

I changed up the quilts page a bit recently to give some better insight to what's going on in my head over here. Drupal lets me be flexible with my content types, and some time ago I set up a content type for my quilts. If you look at you'll see my current works-in-progress are roughly ordered by state of completion. I thought I'd explain the terms; I get the impression sometimes that my friends think this process is really inscrutable, when it's not.

Accidental (Quilt Top) Tourist

My quote from yesterday: "I think I accidentally made a quilt top today." The short story: I did something to my right leg on Saturday - seems like a minor quadriceps strain - and since Jeff was out of state all weekend, I opted to stay home and stay off my leg to let it rest.

Idle minds...

...find the equilter scrap bag and say, OOOOH I WONDER WHAT TROUBLE I COULD GET INTO -- LOOK! COLORS!

Wherein the seamstress falls over and snores

This is not a real update. This is a set of three photos carefully constructed as a plausible update.

This is the next-to-last night I'll have to work on Das Blinkenlights, as I have a four-hour appointment with a longarm quilter on Saturday morning. Regardless of what the quilt thinks, she's going under the needle on Saturday because Sheila is NOT getting any less pregnant by the day.

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Say Yes, Let's Go

26 January 2010
Adam and Brenda
Mariner's Compass
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Cutting fabric

I've been mulling this one over for a while. Adam has always had such a strong, clean, simple design aesthetic, and as a result I ripped up more designs for this quilt than any other I've ever attempted.

Everything was too complicated.

A year ago I learned how to make itty bitty stars. They were okay, but not great. My skills have improved since that time. I've learned the basics of appliqué. I feel more confident in my construction ability.

See? It looks planned!

I haven't exactly been sewing much since I got back from the Vacation + Furlough Extravaganza. I know this shocks no one, myself included, but it's taken me longer to bounce back from this trip than the previous ones.  My urge to lie on the couch and soak in the quietness that is home is difficult to ignore. Friends can vouch; they've seen little of me.


The quilting table is back in business, on a very different project than the one I just finished.  'Red shift' contained a very limited color spectrum (crimson fading to black) and I'd hoped that my next project would be a bit more colorful and free-form.

I've gotten my wish.