taking a nap?

Since I've had absolutely nothing of interest to write about for the past few days, I'm going to open up the forum in a rather dangerous manner. I've been thinking of marking ' as "out to lunch" for a few days, to take something along the lines of a quickie vacation from daily writings. (Most of you know I do that a couple of times a year.)

There are, however, some options. Just because I'm bored with my standard non-fiction doesn't mean that a couple of my oh-so-disturbing fictional columns can't come back for a few days.

So, my thirteen readers, it's all up to you. I can do one of three things:

  1. Take a real break, and you can get some real work done for a change.
  2. You can submit bizarre questions in comments (attached to this post only please), and I'll run a few Ask Domesticat columns for a little while.
  3. We can have another Pledge Week.

For those of you who have forgotten, the previous tellings of Pledge Week can be found here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

So…it's up to you.

Now why was my initial reaction "uh-oh"?

P.S. - don't forget - if you're cheering for Ask Domesticat, it helps greatly if you submit a question. Otherwise I'll be letting the cats create the questions, and that's rarely good…the more outlandish/stupid/obvious the questions, the better.

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Pledge Week! Pledge Week!

I vote for Ask Domesticat.

Ask Domestikitty!

Ask Domesticat. Yo.

I vote for Pledge Week AND Ask Domesticat. Why settle?

Pledge week is hilarious! Damn corporate people... Ask Domesticat is also good - I wonder if I have any questions hmmmmmmmm

Dear Domesticat: My cat is picky. He won't use his litter box if its placement deviates in the smallest way from what he's used to. Nor does he use it if the litter is a different brand than what he's used to. If we feed it the amount of food that it eats, it'll follow us around and give us dirty looks. We have to feed him a certain amount beyond what he'd eat, so that he can allow some of the food to go stale. He will not eat stale catfood (for him, "stale" means that it's been sitting out for more than 20 minutes. Why is my cat such a finnicky bastard?

I'll second Noah's vote. Pledge week and Ask Domesticat.

Oh, I definitely vote for Ask Domesticat. This is Marie's 18 year old cat, Madison. I'm old. And I'm a cat. (So what else is new.) I like shoes. Sometimes I like to sleep with my face in an old shoe. Sometimes I just throw up in a new shoe. Hey, I'm a cat. How can I get them to keep me in a steady supply of shoes? Shoeless in Seattle (Hey, I'm not really in Seattle. I'm a cat, remember.)

Postively Ask Domesticat: "If you sneeze while your sleeping will anyone hear it?

I'm kinda partial to the pledge week. Very funny!

Hi, I belong to Danielle & love making sure she knows I'm the boss. How can I make sure she gives me attention when I want it and only when I want it? I've tried kneading her when she's sleeping at 2AM, scratching on boxes (and furniture) - making sure to vary the times, chasing my sister Copper all over the apartment/bed/sofa/near where Mommy is, going right outside (but next to) the litter box to show my displeasure, and let's not forget all the talking I've been doing recently - I've almost lost my mew because of her. Surely a Domesticat can give this cat some advice.

If you choke a Smurf, what colour does it turn?

*steps out of closet long enough to say* Pledge week. *goes back to lurking from the closet*

Dear Domesticat, As I've always been fond of your political rants, can you answer my question? During the recently-finished political season I noticed that TV ads for politicians always show their opponant in black and white with messy hair. Why is that?