More spearmint, less peppermint

Two quickie changes: now that it's late April, I think we can declare the holiday season officially over with, and move 'mint' back as the default skin for this site. Sleigh bells is still around, and you're welcome to stick with it if it's what you like, but the distinct lack of snow in north Alabama suggests that I move on to something that's a little less...snowy.

'Mint' also picked up a wallop of a rework in the process; it had bothered me for some time, but it took me ages to get around to redoing it. Any more subtle and the new version would actually fall asleep in your lap. (Take a peek if you like.)

Impressive, really. Takes work to be that deliberately monochromatic.

Am thinking of scrapping the least-popular skin and slotting in a new one in its place. Any suggestions on a theme/topic/color combination. Pink is out; we've got too much pink already, and this one definitely should not have a cat on it (already ran that theme into the ground).

I'm sure there's something worth mining for a photo or two. I'll have to give it a thought or two.

(P.S. - Huntsville locals, don't forget to book Wednesday night - Mexican and margaritas for all. We have graduations to celebrate!)

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Cats are good though! If you're doing the mints, what about wintergreen?

how about a rice rice baby skin?

Oooh, the mint is very luscious! I have no new ideas in me. I am working on a "Robin" skin for mine, with the actual birdie. Shows how creative I am these days. LOL.

I love it!

how 'bout some sort of baby skin? or Roll Tide? or Tulips in honor of spring? patriotic? 'bout I get my a$$ back to work now! :)

I like the rice rice baby idea. Did you ever get the randomization thing working for You could have it randomize some of your best ricer photos. Hmmm. Bizarrely I've just had an idea for a champagne skin - closeup photo of filled champagne flutes, pale yellow theme, black and white accents. Dunno.