A geek's approach to workouts

There's a special place in hell for people like us. In this case, 'Chris' is Mr. Lanphear of retrospecticus.org non-fame.

Amy: My life lately: $laundry++
Chris: woot!
Chris: die($laundry);
* Amy very nearly snorted water out her nose when she read that.
Amy: *bap*
Chris: *laugh*
Amy: We can't kill $laundry, because we still need access to $laundry['clean_shirts']
Chris: HTTP/Get("$laundry/new_shirts");
* Amy places her head down on her desk, howls, and admits defeat.


Non-fame, my ass! [daffy] This means war. [/daffy]

non-fame ... well, now that he uses a better CMS, maybe he'll be famous. [Did I just say that?]

Since he won't post it: Gareth: my laundry routine seems to be something like: sub do_laundry { if ((scalar(@socks) % 2) == 0) { pop @socks; } }

I wish I could get back to: 30 13 * * 0 /usr/bin/laundry Kinda miss that.

This is why we installed the fluff_and_fold() library - it does have a registration fee, but it makes the code of our lives run more efficiently. =)

oh...my...god...becky look at her code. It is so big. She most be like...one of those programming chicks. Seriously people...the outdoors are nice :) Real nice

Noah: Is that on CPAN?

You people are sick, twisted, demented, and completely anti-social. This is why me! likes y'all so much.

Just walk away from the computer...I think you both need it! :)

*ded from amusement* IS the code different if you have to go to a laundromat?

Truthfully, I don't know. It's probably the same...just that someone else is executing it. Aside from moments of collegiate despair (see also, all washers tied up by the other clothes horses in my dorm), I've never taken my laundry to a laundromat. Even then, it was a self-service laundromat. I have no experience with this fluff-and-fold thing. Mostly because (as Noah can attest, because I said this to him) the thought of letting someone else handle washing my clothes for me is just kinda ... ewwwwww.