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Trip planning was eating my brain last night. Last night it led to:

  • Spoken politenesses in Danish
  • Photos of train ticket vending machines in Amsterdam
  • What? There are no dedicated post offices in Amsterdam?
  • How much does it cost to mail an international postcard in the UK?

and then there's my favorite ... the damned SIM cards. 

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wherein our intrepid author needs a new pair of pants

I present the following to you without explanation or context. It needs neither.

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Arrays of sunshine?

I'm pretty sure there's a place in geek hell for people like me.  So @webchick posts something (private) about Drupal's form API and arrays, and my response?

$formAPI = array( array( array( array('value' => 'SUNSHINE!') ) ) ); // too nerdy?

Window seat, please.

How to tell your code is a hack

A sign that, perhaps, that your coding isn't going the way you hoped:

# This can only be described as a godawful, vomitous,
# appalling hack. I hang my head in shame. But it really
# does look like I can't just pull events for a single
# 24-hour day, but instead have to resort to godless
# ugliness such as this. To whoever reads this after
# me: you have my abject apologies. Hope you never
# have to modify this mess.

A geek's approach to workouts

There's a special place in hell for people like us. In this case, 'Chris' is Mr. Lanphear of non-fame.

Planetary love sonnets - just add water

So, anyway. Enough boring retellings of my day. What weirdnesses did you encounter on your little blue planet today?

Hey, quit giving me that weird look. No matter how tiresome this entry is, it's far, far better than my recounting the fact that when I was picking out produce at the supermarket today, the muzak got switched over to the 'disco' feed. Nothing like picking out oranges and romaine lettuce to the disco beat of "Never Knew Love Like This Before."It's not that I live on my own little otherwise-uninhabited planet, see? It's just that this particular planet's silliness makes me want to hole up and write deadpan little love sonnets to it.

Think about it—what's our planet contributed to the galaxy? If a group of bored interstellar travellers were roaming around the galaxy, trying to figure out what planet to visit next, what would they come here to see? Go ahead, ask me:

"So why would bored interstellar travellers bother to come to Earth?"