Site updates and changes

I've also been doing a bit of work to domesticat that I wanted to mention. Some of it won't actually appear on the site for some time, but it'll make for a big splash when it does.

Brad kindly proffered a snippet of PHP that would allow me to add some functionality to the list of music artists that I serve up directly from my winamp playlists. The end result is that you can click on the artist, and it will do a Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" search.

IFL, in googlespeak, means that google will run a search on the terms you requested and automatically take you to the top-ranking search result. All this will take place in a new window.I've added the word "music" into the search string, so that, as Brad pointed out, searching for 'BT' will be a bit more likely to dish up a result regarding Brian Transeau than British Telecom.

The big thing I'm working on is a compilation of PHP and javascript that will allow me to make almost thoroughly skinnable. If you've read domesticat for more than thirty consecutive days, you're aware of my constant urge to tweak domesticat's interface.

The past few redesigns have served two purposes—external beautification as well as internal reorganization. By now the guts of domesticat are almost entirely modular. (I should add, I've learned a lot from this.) Once I work out a cookie-based system that will allow you to pick your design, I should be able to serve up content thoroughly independent of the graphical design aspects.

I'm envisioning approximately five choices. The text would be the same, obviously, but having five graphical (or…not-so-graphical) wrappers could be quite interesting.

My current hangups are my guestbook script and my search script. Those are currently tied down to CGI, and can't be tweaked with the ease of truly modular HTML.

I've only seen one site that really exemplifies what I've got in mind:—the problem is that this guy is using a combination of cookies and ASP, while I'm wanting to stick to cookies/javascript/PHP.

Assuming I can get this to work, I'll probably put up a couple of how-to pages, complete with code. Call it a contribution to the web community that I've shamelessly stolen from so many times in the past.

But that's enough updates for now. Go do something useful with your time!


Do you know where I can find the script to do a google "I'm feeling lucky" search?