A little discovery

From: me (you-know-who at
To: Jenn (jenn at intensified dot org )
CC: Gareth (hi Gareth!)
Subject: Questions regarding your skinning tutorial

Hello -

My name is Amy, and I am the owner of It was recently suggested to me that I pay close attention to one of the tutorials that you have posted on

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Getting back to the code

As I'm coding, he comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me and says, "You do such neat things." After the past 24 hours, I think that was exactly what I needed to hear.

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Gothgirl and new random-entry scripts

In lieu of a new journal entry, I proffer the latest skin, "gothgirl." Like all the others, it's available at the skins page. With it, I'm inaugurating a new script that I plan to make available in a few more of the skins soon: random entries.

Coding day from hell

Oh, dammit to hell.

I am so close. I wanted to finish up the skin code for the site tonight and to call it a weekend and walk away. But, instead, I'm stuck with half-working code (the half that works is courtesy of Gareth) and a sick spouse who will probably beg out of our movie plans tomorrow.Lesson: what I attempt to do in thirty lines of code, Gareth can do in twelve or so. Ouch. Guess I got a bit of a reminder of why he's a coder and I do graphics stuff.

Site updates and changes

I've also been doing a bit of work to domesticat that I wanted to mention. Some of it won't actually appear on the site for some time, but it'll make for a big splash when it does.

Brad kindly proffered a snippet of PHP that would allow me to add some functionality to the list of music artists that I serve up directly from my winamp playlists. The end result is that you can click on the artist, and it will do a Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" search.