Coding day from hell

Oh, dammit to hell.

I am so close. I wanted to finish up the skin code for the site tonight and to call it a weekend and walk away. But, instead, I'm stuck with half-working code (the half that works is courtesy of Gareth) and a sick spouse who will probably beg out of our movie plans tomorrow.Lesson: what I attempt to do in thirty lines of code, Gareth can do in twelve or so. Ouch. Guess I got a bit of a reminder of why he's a coder and I do graphics stuff.

The results of today's code-pounding consist mostly of lots of emailed questions to Brad and Gareth, absolutely no graphic design work done, a pounding headache, and nothing new to report. I am a marginal coder at best. At one time, I was better, more logical, more organized, but it seems that since getting married to the Ultimate Engineer[tm] that it's my graphic design side that's decided to take control of my brain.

I'm hoping to go see Memento tomorrow, but I have a sneaking feeling that I will be going alone. Jeff had originally agreed to go with me, but judging the awfulness of this evening's hacking and snuffling, I'd not be a bit surprised if tomorrow he shoos me out by myself.

Thus, I am torn. I wanted to have someone to see the movie with, but if Jeff overexerts himself he'll undoubtedly get worse, not better. The end result would be more tending on my part.

I wish the code had chosen to fall right today. That would've been a bright spot on a day that was more marked by massive code problems than anything else.

It's been a big headache. Originally, I'd had hopes that I could celebrate having a skinnable site by the end of this weekend, but instead, it looks like I'll be taking a weekend away from it in the hopes that some time away will induce clarity.

Soon—I hope.