Ladies and gentlemen....

Miss Elizabeth

We would like to extend a very belated welcome to Miss Elizabeth Jordan, the true subject of the June 5 entry "You've got me. I'm listening.". She made her entrance on the evening of June 17th, weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 10 ounces.

It's about damn time you got here, girl. We've been calling your daddy about you all week! (Of course, it would have helped immensely if someone's father *ahem* hadn't forgotten his cell phone, which most of us have been tastefully bombarding with "Where's The Kid" messages all week. Like bloodhounds, we are.) :)

We will be counting the days until 2033, when Elizabeth turns 30 and is finally allowed to date. In the meantime, we promise to teach her how to dye her hair blue and how to wear studded leather for the most parental shock value.

Jody, you're so owned. Congratulations.

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Jody, congrats to you! :D

Yep. There'd better be a kidlet-viewing scheduled after dragon*con staff meeting #3 or you might have a riot on your hands. Scratch that thirty-year thing. She's never, ever, EVER going to date. -laugh-

Kidlet-viewing is necessary :) Bragging is also allowed :) :) :)

You are so evil for including that pop-up of Jody, Amy. Evil. Evil. Awwww. Kiddies!

There is absolutely NOTHING that I have ever been more proud of than my beautiful baby girl. We will arrange something for after the third meeting. Welcome to the land of permanent sleep deprivation. And thank you everyone for your kind words, and thoughts. It means the world to Kari and I and Elizabeth.

Very cute baby--and running this entry through the Snoop Dogg Shizzolator yields the following gem: It's 'bout damn time yo' ass gots here, brizzle, know what I'm sayin'? We've been calling yo' daddy 'bout yo' ass izzall week! (Of course, that shiznit would has helped immensely if someone's father *ahem* hadn't forgotten tha dude's cell phone, which most of us has been tastefully bombarding wit "Where's The Kid" messages izzall week n' shit. Like bloodhounds, we are." )

LOL That puts the icing on that particular cake, fo shizzle, mah nizzle!