Europe in fifteen photos

I shot a lot of photos in Europe. The collection is available at and is broken down by city and by theme, but since I’ve been asked a few times, I thought I’d pick just a few photos to tell the overarching story.

Dave and i cracked up relentlessly every time we saw these signs.
Monster trucks? In Germany?
pâté en croûte and fresh tomatoes from the market
An amazing lunch in Lyon.
Roof, Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
The entrance to the Lyon airport at dusk
Cheeeeeeese in Lyon.
Hooray crazy awesome Scandinavian fabric shop!
Me at Marimekko, glorying in acquiring All The Fabrics.
A theme: how do you do your laundry if you can’t read the dryer?
Amsterdam at night.
The photo that got away from me, in Amsterdam. See “Photographer number five” for the story of the photo.
Stage, Globe Theater
The empty stage of the Globe Theatre.
Tea at the Corinthia changes regularly to reflect current events. This tea had Olympic themes throughout, including the 'gold' medal.
Olympic-themed teatime at the Corinthia Hotel.
The London Eye at night.
Living statue of Urkel at the Covent Garden Market.
Metal dragon, Thames Festival
The articulated metal dragon that was a highlight of the Thames Festival night parade.
A page of Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings, on temporary display in Buckingham Palace.
This was my favorite shot of the day, and one of the hardest to get right. There were visual distractions all around her, and she could only be shot from one angle. Took me a few tries to get it right.
A praying angel, from a headstone on a grave in Brompton Cemetery.
…and for those of you still reading, a little video reward.
Unexpectedly awesome audio from the changing of the guard at Windsor Castle. [alternate link to video]

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