Europe in fifteen photos

I shot a lot of photos in Europe. The collection is available at and is broken down by city and by theme, but since I've been asked a few times, I thought I'd pick just a few photos to tell the overarching story.

Europe recap: the most obvious ten (or so) questions

...and we're home. This is the unofficial part of the trip that falls between 'the end of the trip' and 'the resumption of real life.' I am home, and hobbling on somewhat sore and extremely tired legs, and I'm dealing with the oddity that is culture shock in my own country.

On the nine-hour flight back, I tried to think through some of the questions I expected to be asked.

DrupalCon Paris: Amy's notes, day 1

If you are not at drupalcon or are not a drupal user, feel free to skip this post entirely.  These are just my notes from the sessions I attended.

Social butterflies in Paris

I know my friends were concerned about the tweet I left last night about wanting to come home, and I realized this morning there was no way I could explain what was going on in my head in under 140 characters.  I could say "I'm homesick," but that puts a cheap and easy spin on something I recognize is not either cheap nor easy.