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It’s weird to say that you can walk into fabric stores – which are, by definition, riots of color and print – and feel a little bored, but I’ve been struggling with that in the past year or so as I’ve become more familiar with What’s Out There. There aren’t that many manufacturers of quilting fabric, and there’s a strong faddish element to what’s in / out / hot / not at any point in time. 

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Birthday stars

The story: I was fabric-hunting in the Petticoat Lane district in London, where there’s a street of nothing but African fabric shops one after another, selling 6-yard lengths of what’s variably called “dutch wax fabric,” “african wax fabric,” etc. The marketplace looks like this, with racks and racks of clothing available for sale out in the street, and wax fabric storefronts on both sides of the street:

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