An install script and a master plan

Geof likes to remind me that all journeys begin with a single step. 

wanna-be-coder's blues

Gareth and I spent a bit of time talking this morning about more Quarto-related bits today.  He was ready to start work on my conversion script for my entries, and me…I was just ready to start.  In other words, no more pseudocode, no more planning, just dig in somewhere and start coding.

spaghetti (western) code

In my next life, I'm going to be like Brad, who says, "I usually don't bother [doing pseudocode], or else I do extremely general pseudocode. I usually find it's not worth my effort." But, unfortunately, I've proven time and time again that I'm just not capable of carrying large amounts of logic in my head all at once—and keeping it all straight—so I've been going through the plans for Quarto, a page at a time, and creating pseudocode for them.

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This (here) is the place where I will stand...

So here we go, eh?

I've been saying for quite some time that I planned on writing my own CMS.  I think at the time, everyone was kind enough to say that yeah, I could probably do it—with the unspoken caveat that I had a lot yet to learn before I'd be able to complete such a thing.

Something I wanted

I'm running out of excuses, really.  While I'm not exactly allowed to link to it yet, I can tell you that I got Jeff's site designed, finished, and ready to roll yesterday.  All it lacks is content.  My famed, never-ending Sites To Do list is now down to one:  the redesign of Kat's site.