class 4 slope

Rechecking my rigRechecking my rig

[me resting at the top of Licklog Mountain (peak #2 of the day)]

From wikipedia:

  • Class 1: Hiking.
  • Class 2: Simple scrambling, with possible occasional use of the hands.
  • Class 3: Scrambling, a rope can be carried but is usually not required.
  • Class 4: Simple climbing, with exposure. A rope is often used. Natural protection can be easily found. Falls may well be fatal.
  • Class 5: Technical free climbing. Climbing involves rope, belaying, and other protection hardware for safety.

I asked myself on the way home: would I have done this if I had known what I know now?

Yes, yes, absolutely yes.

Something I wanted

I'm running out of excuses, really.  While I'm not exactly allowed to link to it yet, I can tell you that I got Jeff's site designed, finished, and ready to roll yesterday.  All it lacks is content.  My famed, never-ending Sites To Do list is now down to one:  the redesign of Kat's site.